Where do Preschool programs fit?

We’re just starting to use PO, and have found that our Preschool programs don’t quite fit in the Early Childhood Literacy category. We generally do not have parents in the room, but the programs are focused on literacy and are in a “storytime” format. We think of them as “school-readiness” kinds of programs.
The questions on the Early Childhood Literacy survey are directed toward parents as if they were in the room. Are we unusual in having programs of this format without parents? The questions won’t make sense to parents as written. How are other libraries handling situations such as this?

Sno-Isle Libraries has used the Early Childhood Literacy immediate surveys in our “Ready Readers: Toddler” Storytimes and will be expanding use to baby and preschool storytimes this year. BUT we have parents or childcare givers in the room. Sometimes that ratio is 1:8 (caregiver:child), but we can still survey someone. I’d love to hear what other libraries say too. Knowing that we can also measure outcomes via demonstration or observation, we are thinking about how to record knowledge, behavior, skill application, and awareness without surveying with our early literacy target audiences…