What programs do new users want to measure?

In our latest Project Outcome introductory webinar, Outcome Measurement Made Easy with PLA’s Project Outcome held on January 23, 2017, new users expressed interest in using the surveys for all 7 topics! Some program ideas were:

  • Supercharged Storytime
  • Summer Reading programs
  • Computer classes/tutoring
  • Outreach
  • Makerspace programs
  • Hotspot loaning
  • Job training classes
  • Book discussion club
  • Outreach programming at food pantry
  • Author programs
  • Technology training badging program
  • STEAM clubs
  • Theater reading programs
  • Craft days

I am interested in measuring maker space programs. I think one of the challenges with using a survey for maker space programs is that it is often the same people that attend multiple programs and it is hard to ask them to do a survey each time.

Also, I am interested in measuring digital literacy programs for families. The questions for early literacy programs are so close to what I want, except that I would want the question about interaction to be focused on interacting with digital activities.

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Hi Rachel,

That’s true that you’ll want to avoid running surveys for programs where you get multiple attendees. I suggest starting with the priority programs that you want data for. For example, if you want to share results with a funder that supplied the 3D printer, etc. We also know that libraries benefit from scheduling out there surveying in advance and sharing with staff to avoid survey fatigue of repeat patrons.

I wonder if your digital literacy programs could fall under Education/Lifelong Learning and then you can add the digital literacy specific questions you want at the end of the survey, using the Additional Questions feature of the survey creation tool.


I’d like to learn more about successful efforts or ideas about how to measure increased library use following an outreach activity. To be more specific, I’ve planned library trivia nights at local breweries that have attracted tons of people but it’s hard to tell if these trivia nights garner increased library usage. Any ideas about how to find out if people use the libraries more after these kinds of outreach events?

I am interested in measuring outreach programs.

I am interested in evaluating entertainment and/or recreational programming for adults. Is there any initiative to create this type of survey?

some of the programs I am doing and will be doing are:
arts and crafts programs
over 50 game day
book groups
check-out program kits

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I see that STEAM is listed in here from two years ago. Is there any chance we will be getting one soon? We are using the Lifelong Learning for STEAM and it is not a very good fit. We would much prefer to have one geared toward those kinds of programs.