Virtual Programming Surveys

As most of you have probably done, we’ve moved our programming online. We’re finding it challenging to get responses to surveys when we can’t hand someone a piece of paper and ask them to fill it out. The best responses we’ve gotten have been for Zoom programs when we can send out an email afterwards asking for responses. The worst has been for Facebook Live and YouTube Live, when we can’t necessarily make a direct appeal for survey participation. Have any of you figured out a way around this problem? Found a great way to solicit participation? Any suggestions or questions that might trigger ideas for us welcome.

During April I livestreamed a whole bunch of technology classes on YouTube (need to get back to that, but I got burned out a bit). I made it a point to specifically note the survey link in several places, including having a slide that I made part of my streaming scenes. I certainly didn’t get as many responses as I would normally get from my classes, but I kind of expected that.

I’ve found it difficult to participate. Until this week, all library employees were furloughed except for me. We will get back on track as soon as we can. I’ll do my best to participate participate in the programming.

I haven’t tried this out yet but it’s something I’m currently researching: try Survey Monkey. At the beginning of your program, mention the optional survey at the end. Place the link in the chat and retype/copy and paste as necessary.

I’m curious what the advantage of using surveymonkey is to making the survey via project outcome and then pasting the online survey link in the chat of the zoom program. I hope I’m not missing something, but I was assuming that doing that would give everyone in my program the chance to answer and spare me from having to input all the surveys manually.