Surveys to Measure Outreach Programs

Hi, Is there any standardized surveys to measure the success of Outreach services?
I am working on a research paper to find how public libraries evaluate their outreach services? What methods are used and what are some of the challenges libraries face?
If someone can guide me I will appreciate it.

Hi Noureen,

Great topic for a research paper.

There isn’t a Project Outcome survey specifically for outreach, but when I am evaluating outreach services at our library, I use whichever Project Outcome survey aligns with the type of outreach we are providing. Besides the fact that we’re in a different location, outreach services aren’t all that different than the services we provide inside the actual library, so this method seems to work well! For example, we have outreach computer classes to seniors in Cleveland Heights. I used a Digital Learning survey and titled it “Noble Senior Outreach - Computer Basics.” For more traditional outreach services like book delivery to homebound patrons, I’d consider using the Adult Summer Reading survey. Sounds funny since it’s not a Summer Reading Program, but the questions apply to the service the library is providing. Once the survey is generated, I take the Project Outcome questions and use it as a template to create my own handouts. This way I can tailor the look, introduction, title, etc. to apply to the specific service we are providing. Hope that helps!


Hi Maggie,
Its a great idea to tailor the surveys and that’s what I am thinking of doing too. I really appreciate your input.
Thank you,