Surveying via phones

Hello, has anyone had any luck with making their surveys mobile friendly? I’m exploring ways to get attendees to complete the surveys on their phone/tablet to get away from paper surveys. Some conferences I’ve been to have utilized apps, or scannable QR codes. Has anyone tried doing something like this with Project Outcome surveys? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Sam! We are doing the same thing (moving away from paper). We have had success so far putting the link to the survey up on the screen at the end of a program and/or printing the link on small slips of paper (I just copy and paste it a bunch of times and cut it in to small strips) to pass out to patrons to do the survey on their own device. It works great on devices of all types (desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones). We usually have one or two library tablets with the survey pulled up for anyone that doesn’t have their own device. Some of our branches have also had the survey pulled up on the catalog computer if it is close to their programming area as an option. That way no one really has to wait in line to fill out the survey on the one one or two library devices available since they can do it on their own device but no one is left out of they don’t have a device, the battery is dead, etc. And, if they need to leave right after the program and don’t want to take the 2 minutes to fill out the survey, in theory they can do it at a later time since they can take the small slip of paper with them (although we doubt many people actually will do it once they leave the building).
We have been using to customize the survey links for free, although that step isn’t required.