Survey question order should relate to entry



So I’m entering surveys here, and I’ve noticed a problem. The paper survey (the only one we’ve used so far) prints with the date and location on the back, at the end. When entering these online, the date and location are the first questions, which result in a lot of back and forth paper flipping.

If the entry point and paper form mirrored each other, it would make this a more productive task.

Also, it would be really helpful if the “how did you learn about this event” would allow for multiple answers. I’ve mentioned this before. Thanks!


Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the feedback. I will track it in our feedback form for the Measurement, Evaluation & Assessment Committee to review. Once a question is added to the standardized survey, it does bump the survey to 2 pages, so the date & location are then moved as well. Your suggestion is to move it to the top of the survey, correct? This would need to allow for any custom intro messages and logos to make room for this at the top as well.


Yes. Or bump the electronic survey entry field to the bottom. Whatever’s easier. Either way, just so they match.


We found that downloading the paper copy and adjusting it to one page using Adobe DC Pro solved that issue for us. We would really like to see it as a one page print also for paper survey options.