Summer Reading Surveys - Who and When

I’m wondering how you decide whether to give the survey to the parent/caregiver or the child? Or do you give an appropriate survey to both? Does it matter if a sixth grader completes a youth survey and her mother completes the caregiver version? Is this recommended?

Also, I plan to ask people to complete the survey at the end of the summer reading program. Is that the norm?


If a caregiver responds to the caregiver survey and their child to a youth survey – that is excellent feedback and NOT double-dipping as you’re gaining perspective from separate vantage points. I would appreciate having a parent/caregiver and their child completing surveys for the same program.

We offer our surveys at the end of the summer. For many years prior to PLA PO surveys, TCCL offered post-SRP surveys to parents/caregivers regarding summer activities so we didn’t want to disrupt a flow that works well for us.

Two years ago and for the first time we surveyed teens and adults about their summer programs and gave those surveys when individuals ‘completed’ the program starting in mid-June. We actually got back so many surveys it was overwhelming, so last summer we moved their surveys post-SRP too.

There are a number of libraries that offer PLA PO surveys at varying times throughout the summer and with good response – there may be some posts in the archives if you don’t hear back from anyone.

Do what works for your library and at a time when your staff have the capacity to offer and then process responses into the PLA PO database – you really can’t go wrong as long you are proactive in communicating a well-strategized plan with your staff and a positive implementation to library users.

Good luck and much success to your new venture!