STEM program evaluation

I would like to create a survey using Project Outcome to evaluate the preschool STEM and STEAM programs that my library system has started offering. However, the Early Childhood Literacy survey questions are geared towards ECRR skills; although those questions are close to what I want to ask, they’re not a natural fit. Any ideas or surveys in the works that evaluate STEM programs for children?


We’ve just continued using the Early Childhood Literacy survey as we’ve added STEM and STEAM elements to our programs. It is a hole in the surveys, however. But because we haven’t made our programs fully STEM/STEAM we’ve been able to live with it.

At Sno-Isle Libraries, we use the Education/Lifelong Learning survey tool for our STEM programs because the learning component is really what we want attendees to get out of the program investment. Our Tween STEAM Club (STEM) evaluation also asks how many of the series (these programs are presented as a series of 3 or 4 programs that build on each other) attendees participated in, if they attended a library program before this series, and how they learned about the program.