Same survey, multiple branches and different start/end dates

Hi all, this will be my first experience at piloting Project Outcome. I have a Baby storytime that will be delivered at different times this fall at two different locations. Can I use the same survey and just have an open start and end date to encompass both programs? I’m thinking I can tailor the print survey to include the correct branch and patrons can select their branch on the online version. Will this work? Or must I create unique surveys for each location with specific start and end times. Please and thank you in advance for your time!


Hi Julie,

Exciting to hear you’re just getting started with Project Outcome! Welcome!

As far as logistics go, when creating a survey, you can have respondents choose a location or you can pre-set the location for all responses. If wanting to capture 2 programs at 2 different locations under a single survey dataset, then I suggest choosing “Ask Respondents” on step 2: program information. This will prompt patrons to fill out their location.

Alternately, if you want to do this for them, you can make 2 different surveys and pre-set the locations for both. Keep in mind, if you do this, that means you’ll have 2 different online survey links (URLs). This also means you’ll have to make sure to enter the corresponding paper survey data into the correct survey dataset. A good idea for this would be to include the branch name in the survey name. The survey name is hidden to patrons, it is only for internal library use and can help you keep track of which survey is which.

Thanks Sam! I will try the first option this time round as I will be using both paper surveys and emailing those that can not stay to fill out the form last session.

Similar to this topic, I have built an Early Literacy evaluation and we include several of our library branch locations and people indicate which branch location on the evaluation. When I enter the data, I enter the location from the drop-down menu. However, when I go to Build a Report and try to extract the information for a particular branch, I’m not getting results…it’s not populating the first question (I learned new ways to do the following: read, sing, play, talk, write) and it also is not showing the answers to the open-ended questions (What did you like most about his program or service? and What could the library do to help you more with your child’s development?) and allowing me to choose to enter them into my report. Help please!

Hi Nicole,

Can you email with an example of what you’re referring to (PDF, screenshot)? If it’s a bug, I can then let the developers know.