Respondents are unable to enter location

This is my first year using Project Outcome, and unfortunately I’m having a problem, which has resulted in no responses because the survey cannot be submitted.

I created two surveys for user feedback on summer activities, and used the ‘Ask Respondents’ option for the ‘Location’ field, as they could have participated in one of several different locations. I expected this to be a blank box in which participants could type in their specific location. However, what has happened is that this field is a blank dropdown box from which there are no choices to choose from, and the user cannot type in their own information.

I don’t see anything that might cause this error. Please help!

Hi Jeff,

I think what is causing this error is that no locations are assigned to your library account. To add multiple branches, you can go to your Account link (located at the upper right corner of the homepage), and click “add a location”. Once you save a location, it should then show up as an option in your survey.

Please email if you’re still encountering issues with this once you’ve added a location.



Yes, everything works now, thanks so much!