Repeat patrons filling out storytime surveys

Does it make sense to have patrons fill out a survey every time they come to storytime, or just once? We’re going to be collecting surveys for 3 months. Storytimes certainly vary week to week, but would it annoy customers to keep having to fill out a survey?

My thought is that it could be annoying - I think you can make them available, but let someone know if they’ve already filled one out, it’s optional. - Christie

I’m brand new to PO and I’m curious about how to best handle storytime immediate and follow-up surveys myself. My location offers five weekly storytime courses (Baby Rhyme Time, Toddler Time, Movers & Shakers, Preschool Storytime and Mindful Movement) that are offered twice a week for a total of 10 storytime classes each week. I’m assuming I could create surveys for just the five courses and not ten surveys to reflect each class instance, but not quite sure how micro we need to get with these.

As @heatherm asked, would we ask a patron to fill out an immediate survey per course just once during a survey period and then ask them to complete a follow-up survey at the end? That makes sense to me but I would love to hear what other libraries are doing for their storytimes.