Questions changed?


Whenever I enter paper responses and try to submit I get a message saying “Questions were changed, please, update your answers” and am unable to enter anything.

Anyone else seeing this problem?


As an update to this, I find I’m getting that message when I’m submitting responses from a survey done in November (it took me a while to get around to entering it). Entering the responses for a survey done yesterday seems to work.

Was there a change in questions or the database between November and December?


I am getting the same error. Survey is from October.


I have alerted the developers to this error. The word “applicable” was recently removed from the Awareness outcome question, to better align with IMLS outcomes, and this change seems to have caused this error.

We will resolve as soon as possible.


This issue should now be fixed. Please contact if you are still getting this error message or encounter any other issues. Thanks!


Awesome! Thanks. I’ll check it out later this afternoon.