Question choices don't allow for a 'Date/Time' section box

We created a General Program Survey at our Library system using SurveyMonkey and we added a box that allows the patron to choose the correct date they attended such program.

When creating a survey on here the question choices don’t allow for that. It allows to create a date range at the beginning but that isn’t helpful when we need to be able to allow the patron to select a date.

Am I missing something or is this something that can be added?


Thanks for reaching out to us!

Project Outcome surveys are designed in order to allow users to filter their data based on the survey name, program name, or program date. As a result, the program date format as it exists cannot be altered by survey respondents. If you’d like to allow respondents to select their own date, we suggest adding an additional question at the end of the survey. You may choose up to three additional questions to ask your respondents. When you select “write your own question” you have the option to make that question open-ended (free text), Likert scale (from strongly disagree to strongly agree), multiple choice, or check all that apply. The open-ended or multiple choice options might work well if you would like to ask patrons to select their own date.