Question #7 on Summer Reading Survey (Adults)

The question “How did you learn about this program?” is part of the standard questions on the survey. However, it doesn’t appear that the responses are reflected on the reports. Is there a way to add this information - or are we just not looking in the right place?


Hi Laura,

If you selected “How did you learn about this program?” from the dropdown menu of additional survey questions, then you should be able to see the results in your PDF Summary Report. It’s located after the program information table, under “Additional Survey Information.” It’ll provide a % breakdown of the multiple choice results from that question. Here’s a screenshot of how it should appear:

I am having the same issue, although my question #7 is, “Do you have a library card?” The results for this question show up in a spreadsheet of exported answers, but I am not able to find them in the reports. The Additional Survey Information section only shows responses to the other two questions we added.

Hi Angela,

This issue was reported to me yesterday by one of your libraries. I want to let you know that our developers are aware of the bug and are working on a fix.

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Hi Angela,

This was fixed last week. Let me know if you find anything else!

Hi, I’m experiencing the same thing and have even tried generating the report using different browsers. The report is generating percentages for some of the Additional Survey Questions, but not others, even though there is data entered for all the following:

3.How did you learn about this program?
Library website: 0% | Social media: 0% | Signs or flyers in the library: 0% | Newspaper: 0% | Library newsletter: 0% | Online ad: 0% | Library staff: 0% | Word of mouth: 50% | Don’t know/Not applicable: 0% | Other: 25%
4.On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most likely, how likely is it that you would recommend this program to a friend or colleague?
1: 0% | 2: 0% | 3: 0% | 4: 0% | 5: 0% | 6: 0% | 7: 0% | 8: 25% | 9: 25% | 10: 25%
5.As a result of the program, you intend to: (select all that apply)
Apply what you learned in school or your current job: 0% | Add a new skill [to your resume or CV, to your personal learning, etc.]: 0% | Share what you learned with a friend or colleague: 0% | Use what you learned for your personal life and well-being: 0% | Other: 0% | N/A: 0%

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for alerting us to this issue. I see that Q5 is not matching up with what’s displaying in your CSV raw data. I’ve alerted our developers and will let you know when I hear back.

  • Samantha

Hi Melissa,

I wanted to update you that our developers found the issue with results displaying in the report and the fix should be pushed next Monday.

Hi Melissa,

This fix was pushed live today. Please email if you encounter any more issues! Thanks!

Thank you. All data seems to be coming through on reports now.