Public Library vs. Public Library Group

Did anyone set up their account as a Public Library Group instead of a Public Library? If so, what did you find to be the benefits/disadvantages.

We’re a library system with 14 libraries and 23 buildings. We are able to create a survey for a series of programs and send them to the participating libraries, who then need to set up the survey. That way all of the surveys have the same questions (assuming some are added). As a group, if a member library creates a survey itself, we are able to see the results but cannot edit it in any way. In a group, the member libraries cannot see each other’s results. I asked PLA about our central library, which has 8 branches, and was advised that they should register as a library, not a group.

Project Outcome is set up so that libraries with multiple branches can use the system and track responses by branch. The regular “public library” account will do this.

Public Library Groups are good for multiple systems or consortia to act as administrators of a large subset of public library systems and branches.

It sounds like the “Public Library” account will meet our needs. Thanks for the input!