Outcomes of SERVICES (not programs)

I’ve read the threads on measuring outcomes of collection use and reference and user services, but I’m yet to find any of the categories truly useful for measuring services. Even the “education / lifelong learning” mentions “what did you like most about the program” by name.

I think this is a big missed opportunity. We should be measuring outcomes of services as much, if not more so, than programs. They are a core of a library’s work and take up a lot of staff time and financial resources.

For example: We’ve closed one of our small, underused branches to in-person library service and implemented self-serve 24/7 holds pickup only at that location. Questions I want to ask include:

“You feel your access to this service is increased”
“You feel barriers to use have been removed”
“You intend to apply this service in your life”

And so on. None of the current categories access a basic library service, rather than a program. This would be a HUGE addition to the toolkit.

I agree.

We are trying to evaluate our database offerings. The Digital Learning topic would seem to fit but you must name the program the patron attended. I could use this but only by first creating a program (like a tutorial?) and then the patron would have to attend it in order to understand the survey questions.