Online Survey -- Thank you page



Is it possible to edit the “THANK YOU” page that appears online after filling out a survey? It would be a good motivation to have people fill out an online survey after a large SRP program (when paper is cumbersome) and then see a secret code after completing the survey. Instead of just having the sentence that says “Thank you for successfully completing our survey,” maybe something like, “Thank you for successfully completing our survey. For doing so, enter SUMMERSEND on the county’s Summer Reading site for 25 bonus points!”


Hi Kimberly,

You can set your own custom URL re-direct by going to the survey’s “Survey Settings” section, and updating the URL from default to “Set custom URL”. Then you just type in whatever URL destination you want patrons to see once they complete the survey. You’d have to create your own URL page with the summer reading code, but could easily include the link there. See below for where this is located.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help answer!

  • Samantha