Not seeing State and National averages, etc on reports

I am trying to run a report on our Summer Reading survey’s but I can’t seem to get a few things to show up in the reports"

  1. National & State averages
  2. Responses to our additional questions. I can see the responses if I export to excel - but not in a Project Outcome report.

Hello! Thanks for reporting these problems.

I was able to replicate the problem of the state and national benchmarks not displaying in the reports and have shared details with our developers to resolve the issue.

For the open-ended responses, just to confirm: when you preview your report, you should then select “add or export open-ended responses.” This will bring up the open-ended responses viewer, and you can select “add all to report” or you can select specific responses to add. Screenshots are below.

If this is still not working for you, can you please email with additional details or a screenshot of what you are seeing to help us troubleshoot?

Thank you!


Is there hope for getting these issues resolved?

  1. National & State averages - not showing up for Summer Reading surveys
  2. Responses to our additional questions: We selected Write your own question with Project Outcomes’ Likert scale for responses. (see Below) We can’t get those responses to report out. A few weeks ago I could export to Excel (at least) but now I can’t even do that.
  • Math Monsters was important to my child(ren).

  • My child maintained or increased their math skills with Math Monsters.

  • My child is more confident in math as a result of participating in Math Monsters.

I love this survey tool, so I hope these glitches can be fixed.