Non-Specific Program Survey

Is there any way to make a survey that could be more generalized?
My library would like to make a survey that we could post to our social media asking patrons about their participation in our programs and why they may or may not be participating.

Is there any way to make a more generalized survey?

Hi Rachelle,

Great question. We understand libraries want to capture data about why people may not be attending programs or using the library, but our surveys are designed so libraries can capture outcome data tied to a specific program or service. Our Education/Lifelong Learning Immediate survey is the most generic survey and can generally be tied to any program or service, but does not have non-attendee questions. We do encourage libraries to use our resources for writing outcome questions to create their own if our standardized surveys don’t meed their needs. These can be found under the resource “writing open ended questions” and “outcome measurement guidelines”.

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I think this is a great question! I was actually wondering the same thing as I am a Teen Services Department Head, and am looking to create surveys for teens. It’s my understanding that the Adult/Teen surveys are the same, but I don’t think they’re very relatable to the teens.

You might consider changing the look of the survey to be more enticing to teens – font, artwork, etc. Keep the questions & options the same order & content, add an additional open-ended question that might appeal to your teens.