Mobile friendly survey?


I created an Immediate Survey for an upcoming program. When I viewed it on my Android phone, it didn’t display very well - the rating descriptions ran together so that you couldn’t read them. I like this site’s reporting functions, but if they surveys don’t work well for people using a mobile device, I’m not sure how useful they would be for many people. Are there plans to test responsive design more?

Dana Dalrymple
Spokane Public Library


The survey I created yesterday produced a PDF with much smaller type and larger gaps than any of my past ones. I’m wondering if there is a glitch right now that may be effecting all of them.


Hi Janet,

Yes, there is currently a bug in the system that is producing smaller type PDFs than before. We do apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have it resolved soon!


Hi Dana,

There is currently a bug in the survey tool that is causing smaller PDF font than typical. We hope to have this resolved soon. However, your question is about mobile friendliness - we know the site isn’t mobile friendly right now, and that the URL of the surveys act as a regular webpage, instead of being designed for mobile use. We are interested in creating a more responsive design, but I don’t have a timeline of when that would be released at the moment. Please email if you have any other suggestions or questions!