Logo Size on Surveys



Hi! This is my first time using Project Outcome, so I am playing around with the surveys. I noticed that after uploading our logo, following the instructions provided on the website, they are VERY small on the actual surveys. Is this how it always appears on Project Outcome? Or have I missed something?


I’m not a fan of how the paper surveys look, so I retype mine using the questions generated by Project Outcome. It’s extra work, but we don’t use it for all of our programs.


Hi Genevieve,

Welcome to Project Outcome! We know some libraries struggle with fitting their logo into the system’s parameters, especially with text-heavy logos. The reason the space is limited in that corner page is because the design of the survey allows libraries to add custom intro text. If they do add a custom intro, then it needs to have room to appear at the top of the survey, next to the logo. Since in your screenshot example you do not have an intro message, the logo does end up looking small.