Is anyone else getting this message or am I don't something wrong?

“Oops… we had a problem generating the survey preview.
Please reload the page to try again.”

trying to make a survey for our storytime group and it keeps popping this up

Hi Melissa,

We are aware of the issue generating surveys and our developers are working on a resolution. We hope to have this resolved soon! Thank you for your patience.

Is there any news as to when this might be resolved? It is still happening today. September 10th.

Hi Linda,

Hoping to have an update from the developers today. I’m so sorry for this inconvenience!

We are still having the problem too. It’s been this way since Tuesday of last week:(

I’ve been trying to print surveys since Sept 4. Since you never posted that it wasn’t working, I can’t expect you to post when it is fixed. IThis means I have to keep trying over and over again to check if it works. I was hoping to have end of summer reading surveys to distribute in the library.

Hello everyone,

The PDF preview issue has now been resolved! Please let me know if you are still experiencing trouble accessing any of your surveys. If so, please provide as much detail about the survey as possible.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through this issue.