Intro messages no longer on survey forms?

When we create surveys in Project Outcome it asks for a custom intro message, which I’ve usually used “to provide context or convey the learning objectives of the program” (as it says in the mouse-over help text for the field).
I’ve noticed that this message no longer shows up on the surveys (both paper and digital). Is this intended or a bug?

Hello! We changed the intro feature slightly to allow more customization. When you create a survey, Project Outcome will put an auto-generated intro message in the survey that incorporates the program name, like this:

This is the same text that you would see by default previously. If you leave that text, then that will show up on your survey:

However, you can now edit or add to that text. Instead of getting a second intro message, above it, as you would’ve done before, whatever text you enter will be what shows up at the top. We recommend leaving something along the lines of “Please let us know if, as a result of this program…” to still introduce the questions.

Let us know if you still have questions.

I think I’ve figured out what is happening. When I copy an older survey to create a new one (the originals are from early 2020), the original text I had in the intro message carries over during the creation process, but when it generates the survey, it replaces it with the generic “Please let us know…” language.
If I create a new survey from scratch and change the intro message text, it then shows correctly in the generated survey.