How to create a Template?

HI All,
New to Project Outcome as the Community Learning and Assessment Coordinator for a public library system. Forgive my ignorance but I am unable to figure out from the resources how to great templates. None of the written or video tutorials show how to do so. When I go to templates to duplicate for a new program it says there are none to draw from. Which I would expect as I have no clue how to create to begin with. Please help.

Thanks for the question, Naomi!

In order to create a template, you will first need to be an administrator of a group account. Group accounts are generally reserved for organizations that need to administer surveys across multiple libraries – not just multiple branches or outlets. The group account structure is different from the traditional library user structure. Group account users are typically from library systems.

Group account users have access to a central account and will act as the administrator for their member libraries by creating templates for their member libraries to use on their own. Member libraries still have full autonomy over the creation of their surveys, but they just can’t create templates themselves. They can create surveys from the templates that their group administrator creates for them, as well as continue to create “normal,” non-template surveys for any program they wish. Group account users are able view all data that has been collected by their member libraries using the template(s). They can also enter responses for their member libraries’ surveys if need be.

If you believe that creating a group account would be right for your organization, please send an email to to discuss details.

Nellie Barrett (she/her)