How do I limit my survey to teenage participants?

How do I limit my survey to teenage participants? I have tried several times, and can only on my account limit it to immediate or followup.


Hi Tina,

We only have a designated “teen” survey for Summer Reading, not for any of the other topics. The reason for that is because there is no follow-up survey for Summer Reading and the Task Force thought it was more useful for libraries to have audience segregation for that kind of programming instead (Teen/Child, Caregiver, & Adult).

It is is not a summer reading program, but my programmer and I felt that it applied more to our group than the regular one for lifelong learning. Can I still use it for our programs during the year, uploading answers and getting data reports, etc.

If you use the Education/Lifelong Learning survey, then you can only choose between Immediate and Follow-up. A teen survey doesn’t exist for that survey topic. However, the Education/Lifelong Learning survey is our most generic survey and uses very simple language, so I think the Immediate survey would be a good fit for teens. If you want to decipher in the data that it is a teen program, you can do so either in the program name or survey name when you’re creating the survey. For example, Teen Tech Services. Then you’ll be able to tell that the response audience is teens.