Gates Foundation comment

Hi all,

For the first time, I received an unsolicited comment on the text at the bottom of the Project Outcome paper survey (which I doubt most patrons even bother to read). It was a Digital Literacy survey administered at the end of a workshop called “Secure Your Smartphone,” which my library was offering for the first time.

The patron underlined Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, then wrote “these guys? A druglord may be more trustworthy”!

I’m curious as to whether anyone else has received feedback - written or verbal - on Project Outcome’s source(s) of funding - and also, though I realize this will be pure speculation, what might have made this patron distrust the Gates Foundation.

Brita Zitin
Digital Services Librarian
Watertown Free Public Library
Watertown, Massachusetts

Hi Brita,

No, we haven’t heard of anyone else receiving this kind of comment regarding the project funding line at the bottom of the survey. We include that as part of good survey practice and to let patrons know their data will be part of a national initiative. Thanks for letting us know!