Filter & Export Open Ended Reponses doesn't work!

Hi there,

I can’t seem to get this feature to work when building my report. It won’t download. What could I be doing wrong? Under Preview Report I click on the button “Filter & Export Open-Ended Reponses”. I get a page that opens up called Open Response View & Export. I select a question from the drop down menu and then highlight and click on Export selected or Export all. Neither seem to work! It asks if I want to open or save, but neither work. It says the file couldn’t be downloaded. Any suggestions?

Secondly, will I be added to add this content to my report?

Please and thank you in advance!

I had trouble with report builder earlier this year, too. I got a response that they had fixed the widget, but it sounds like it’s not working for you, either. I gave up.

Hi Julie,

There seems to be an issue with users’ ability to download the open-ended responses when using Internet Explorer. We are having the developers look into this. In the meantime, if you could try in Chrome and see if that works and let us know, that would be helpful. I am able to download open-ended responses in Chrome.

To answer your other question, no, currently you can’t add open-ended responses into the summary report. However, we did have a discussion with users about what features they’d like added to the reports and we’re exploring possibilities for 2018.