Feature Suggestions

I have two feature suggestions for Project Outcome:

  • Could there be an option to filter surveys in the Survey Management tab by your own account? Even though we do housekeeping on our site to limit the number of active surveys, this feature would allow a user to quickly go to his/her own surveys. We have 46 users.
  • I’m finding that when a survey is created, everything seems totally locked in. In some cases, I’m seeing multiple copies of a survey being created because users want a slight revision from the first version. I understand that you won’t want to change actual components of a survey after responses are entered, but could there be a way to revise a survey without having to create a new one altogether?


Hi Amy,

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve submitted it to our feedback form that is reviewed by our Committee.

The survey should only lock once responses are entered into the system. This is to guarantee consistency in data collection (making sure everyone taking the survey sees the same survey design and questions). If you’re talking about copying surveys to create a new survey, then certain components save and a user can go through the creation process more quickly, but even copying a survey should allow you to make changes to all components. Each survey created is assigned a unique survey ID. This tells the system to aggregate all results under that survey into a single dataset. Later on, users can then aggregate or disaggregate certain surveys to create reports, view dashboards, etc. If everyone worked off the same survey over and over, then all data would be in a single dataset, unable to be disaggregated. This would also leave room for error because single data entries cannot be deleted, and an entire survey dataset would have to be deleted if a mistake was made in entering responses. I hope I’m interpreting your suggestion correctly. Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Actually, I was talking about editing an existing survey, not using the copy function. For example, if you create a survey called “Kindergarten Club”, but then want to revise it to say “Kindergarten Club - Session 3”, the system doesn’t allow you to edit the title. Instead you have to create an entirely new survey. Or is there a way to edit an existing survey name?

Also, I think I understand the benefit of aggregating surveys with identical titles, but isn’t that confusing when you’re trying to distinguish between surveys if they are named the same? What is your recommendation for getting the most out of that aggregation function?


OK - now I see I can edit before I enter responses. Thanks!

Glad it’s working for you now! To clarify the titles/aggregation question - each survey requires a unique title name. This is because the system needs to know how to group that specific dataset. The program name, however, can be used multiple times. So for aggregation purposes, the narrowest option is by survey name (a single survey’s dataset). You can then choose to roll up data by program name (which, if used multiple times, could include sever surveys’ datasets). E.g. “Morning Storytime” could aggregate 30 different survey datasets. Then the widest aggregation you could do is by Survey Topic - e.g. Early Childhood Literacy. This would roll up all survey titles and program names created under that topic. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Thank you - I now see the distinction between Survey Name and Program Name that I hadn’t noticed before. That aggregation function can be useful.

The problem I’m still seeing is that if someone deleted a survey, the system doesn’t allow you to use that survey name again because it still shows up in the deleted survey list. Is there a way to entirely delete a survey? Some are truly mistakes and should not be retained at all.

Good question, Amy. The system was designed to create the highest level of user flexibility, including being able to recover data and surveys at any time. There is no permanent delete function. I do understand the reasoning for wanting to repeat a survey name, and if a deleted survey has data in it, the survey name is locked for that survey. My suggestion would be to add program dates or “Final” versions to survey names for organization purposes and to create that unique identifier.