Custom questions


I would like to make up two short questions of my own to place at the start of a Summer Learning Program survey. I have read the resources available at, but can’t find where to actually do this. Thanks!


Hi Mary,

When creating a survey, you have the ability to add up to 3 questions to the standardized questions. This is done in Step 4 of the survey creation process (Custom Questions) in the Survey Management Tool. The orange button (Create New Survey) is where you go to get started creating a survey. You can add pre-existing questions from the dropdown menu or you can write your own open-ended questions. Also, the questions can only come after the standardized questions, not before. Let me know if you have more questions!



I too am having difficulty in adding custom questions. I have the document with additional questions listed appropriate for the immediate survey, but these are not options listed in Step 4. Custom Questions, nor is there a blank field in which to add these sample questions to the base survey. Could you please advise? Thank you,


Hi Justine,

Step 4 of the survey creation process is where you can add questions to the standardized surveys. If you need to write your own custom questions, you’ll need to click “yes” to wanting to add questions, then select the dropdown menu and scroll all the way down to “write your own”. Once you click that, an open text box should appear where you can write your own custom open-ended question. Let me know if you have questions!