Custom questions in other languages (Spanish, French)


I am having an issue with the “write your own question” option in the additional questions area when users are creating/editing drafts of a survey. When I try to add a custom question, the text that I write in only shows up in the English version of the survey. So if I try to look at the Spanish version, I see that there are numbered areas 7-9 and text boxes for a response, but the questions I wrote are not there. It’s just blank. Is there a way or an area where you can designate how custom text is supposed to show up in other language options of the survey? Somewhere I can put an English and Spanish version of a write-in question and have the correct language show up on the right survey (or at all)?

Additionally, (and I do understand that this is meant to be a standardized survey instrument for longitudinal evaluation and general benchmarking purposes but) will there ever be an option to suggest additional questions be added to that dropdown menu or have different formats for responses there (i.e. Likert scale, multiple choice, etc)? I know that would complicate things considerably, but I’m just curious.


I have the same question! When I selected a pre-written question for #7, it worked fine in both Spanish and English. When I wrote my own, it showed up correctly in the English survey and not the Spanish. I thought the beginning question mark was confusing the system but that’s not it.

Alicia, I’m building my surveys with the intention of creating them in English or Spanish. I had a colleague translate the opener, closer, and additional question into Spanish for me and started a (copied) survey. I like your suggestions to the creators and hope this helps in the meantime.