Collecting contact information from patrons

Now that the new Project Outcome Follow-Up Surveys require some sort of patron contact information to be collected, how should libraries go about doing so? Do patrons have major concerns about sharing their information? If so, how should we handle those concerns?

Though we anticipated some concern when we started doing follow-up surveys in Sno-Isle Libraries, we haven’t heard major concerns from our customers. In general, we make it clear that sharing contact information is not mandatory and if they don’t want to share it for the specific purpose of being sent a survey, they won’t!

Here is the intro information sent to programming staff in our community libraries:
Intitial Intro Information to Programming Staff.docx (13.4 KB)

Any remaining issues for customers after exhausting this information (but this didn’t happen), would be referred to the person-in-charge, per our standard practices with customer concerns.

Here is a sample sign-in sheet with introductory language for attendees describing our intent as well:
Sample Sign-In Sheet for Follow-Up Contact Info.docx (27.2 KB)

What other ideas do you have for proactively addressing customer concerns?

In the pilot, Jacksonville PL passed out a sign-up sheet at technology classes that included a statement about our commitment to keep their data confidential, to use it for no other purpose, and to destroy it once the survey was completed. We gave them the option of being contacted by phone or e-mail. We had a surprisingly high proportion of attendees who agreed to be contacted later to complete a survey and no specific complaints voiced about privacy concerns. Follow-up_Survey_Sign-up_Sheet-Tech.xlsx (14.6 KB)