Bulk upload via spreadsheet


I realize that we are able to use a form to “bulk upload” responses, but this still requires entering them in one by one. In some cases it is much faster/effective to compile the data in a spreadsheet. Is there any way we could upload the data from a spreadsheet into project outcome? This would also allow us to customize an online survey through a third party site, the way some people customize the paper surveys- and easily transfer the data.


Hi Maria,

We are aware of the time it takes to manually enter the data, and our developer did consider an Excel upload option, but it ended up being too cumbersome to account for data entry errors happening with bulk uploads. We are still considering these options, but either way, data is entered at multiple stages when using bulk entry. A majority of our users also use paper surveys, which yield the highest response rates for them, so entering them into Excel would still be a manual process. We are open to feedback and if you know of a good system that’s mastered this, please let us know so we can share with our developers.