Bulk Upload via Excel Template Not Working for Me

Hello - I’ve been trying to use the Excel template upload functionality for paper survey results and it isn’t working. I get a message that my upload has been accepted and is being processed, but the results never upload. Do you have any tips or tricks for making this work? I’ve tried changing my date formats, verifying that all my results are exact matches for the template (including letters being upper or lower case) but still no luck.

Bulk upload hasn’t worked for us in a long time. We submitted the same issue to Project Outcome support and never got a response beyond “we’ll look into it.”

This function is also not working for me. Today I used the “contact us” form on the project outcome home page footer to ask if they have an estimate for when this might be fixed.

This webinar mentioned they are undergoing some server updates which make some functions not work at the moment. ACRL youtube channel, Aug 10, 2022. Project Outcome 101 - YouTube

Meanwhile I have been entering paper survey responses using the one at a time function. And then looking at all the responses together to make any edits. (On the edit survey page, near top right there’s a link for “edit” next to the number of total responses.)

Hello Amanda & Jana,

Thank you so much for contacting us, and I sincerely apologize for the delayed response. If I understand correctly, you are having trouble with uploading the “Bulk Upload” Excel template for your survey, correct? There is a tutorial that provides more detailed steps of the Bulk Upload process here. If the issue still persists, please send details of the survey that you are attempting to upload, and screen shots to document the error so that I am able to replicate or resolve it to the best of my ability. Lastly, please attach a copy of the file that you are attempting to upload, and I will try to get the following issue resolved in a timely manner.

Hi - I appreciate hearing back from you. It’s going to take some time for me to get back to you with these screenshots. I was just testing the functionality for my library so we could decide if we wanted to use the Project Outcome tool, so I don’t have any time sensitive items related to this.