"Additional Questions" problem: defaults don't match type of survey


New to Project Outcome and creating first surveys. We wanted to use additional questions. Instructions say that “default” questions will be presented that relate to the type of survey. (I’ve reviewed these in the Resources section.) However, when I’m doing a survey for Education/Lifelong Learning, I’m getting the default questions for Early Literacy. What’s wrong?


Hi Kathryn,

“Your survey respondents will see default questions for Education/Lifelong Learning” refers to the standardized set of questions that appear based on the survey topic/type you chose at the start of creating your survey. The Education/Lifelong Learning questions are:
You learned something new that is helpful
You feel more confident about what you just learned
You intend to apply what you just learned
You are more aware of resources and services provided by the library
What did you like most about the program?
What could the library do to better assist you in learning more?

The list in the screenshot you provided is a list of additional questions you have the option of adding to the survey. These are pre-loaded questions and the list does not change based on survey topic/type. You also have the option to add a customized question of your own by selecting “write your own question” at the top of this list.

The additional questions will appear at the end of your survey, after the standardized (“default”) questions.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!