Adding Surveys After the Fielding Dates have closed

Hello! I have surveys I need to add but the fielding dates have expired. How can I add survey results to an event that is either closed or has already happened?

Hi Amy,

If your fielding dates have expired, you can email to request a survey be re-opened. Let us know which survey topic, and the original fielding dates so we can tell which survey needs to re-open.

FYI - this will all change May 1st when we launch our new Survey Portal. We’ll no longer be using Impact Survey’s online platform. In the new system we’re building, the users will be able to draft, edit, activate, and archive surveys whenever they want. It will no longer be strict open and close dates.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am seriously excited about the upcoming portal launch! Real-time survey editing will make doing these evaluations so much more accessible to our organization! Yay, Project Outcome!!!