500 Error Message

Has anyone recently been receiving the following error message when they try to access a survey they have created?


Oops! We’re Sorry. We’ve encountered an error while trying to process your request.

Help us improve this site! Contact info@projectoutcome.org to give feedback.

I receive this message when I try to access a completely new survey I have created or a survey I have copied and updated. I have tried to access the survey via Chrome, Edge and IE.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

I’ve also received this error when attempting to enter survey info via Firefox.

Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. We have reported this to the web developers and asked them to look into it.
PLA staff

This issue has been fixed and should be working now. If it’s still not resolved please report the bug to info@projectoutcome.org.
PLA Staff

I am getting the 500 Error message on Chrome now when I try to create new surveys. I have just reported this to the email in the above message.