2 page survey - no please

One of our surveys is carrying over to page 2. How can we stop this from happening?


In my experience, the surveys are designed to put any additional questions you include on a second page. I have found it frustrating, especially when there is blank space on the first page that could easily fit it. I have since copied over all our surveys into Word to fit them on one page, then converted them back to PDFs. I’ve saved templates for the major survey categories that I can customize for each program. It’s really the only workaround that satisfied my needs.


Hi Leigh,
Thanks for the question. In order to keep the surveys standardized across the board, users aren’t able to edit surveys within the site itself. As Janet mentioned, you can copy the survey and edit it in Word in order to bring the survey down to your desired page length. However, we realize that this can be frustrating and we are working with our web developers to address this issue. Thanks for your patience!