User Experience Design


I just started using the PLA outcomes tool, and already I’ve had two occasions where patrons turn in surveys with very positive comments but indicating “strongly disagree” in response to the questions. In one instance I was able to ask the patron if that was her intention and she made a point of changing her responses. I wonder if it would help to add “Yes” and “No” to the responses to help avoid confusion, or if there is some other way to tweak the design so that people don’t make this mistake so easily.


Hi Rachel,

Thank you for sharing your experience. You are certainly not alone. However, we did redesign the the Likert scale in 2017 to appear below each question to help avoid this confusion. The surveys were designed by library leaders and research experts and the Likert scale order was approved by them. We know there is always room for patron error. We always suggest instructing patrons before handing out the surveys. You can also add a custom message at the top of the survey - in the survey management tool when creating a survey - this is where you can add some instruction about the Likert scale order.